Deliverance from MPD, Schizophrenia and Other Forms of Mental Illness

An Interesting Look at Schizophrenia

The following has been excerpted from the book Pigs in the Parlor, by Frank and Ida Mae Hammond

Schizophrenia is a very common problem. Some authorities in the field of mental illness estimate there may be as many as fifty million schizophrenics in the United States. This is about one out of eight persons. Schizophrenics account for half the population in psychiatric hospitals. Of course there are varying degrees of schizophrenia. Some cases are acute while others are quite mild. Many schizophrenics have never been treated professionally. Schizophrenia has remained a very baffling problem to mental health professionals. The cause and cure has remained shrouded in uncertainty.

The disturbance and disintegration of personality known as schizophrenia or dementia praecox is frequently encountered by the deliverance minister.  I would estimate that as many as one fourth of those who come to us for deliverance are found to have the schizophrenic pattern. The Lord has graciously given us a special revelation on the problem which enables us to deal with such cases more effectively.  Since the revelation came to my wife, Ida Mae, I have asked her to write the remainder of this chapter.

The Schizophrenia Revelation
Ida Mae Hammond

We were working very closely in deliverance with a person who did not show much improvement after repeated ministries. This person was very earnest about wanting deliverance. She loved the Lord very much, she believed with all her heart that deliverance was the answer to her problems, and she cried out to the Lord in desperation. She was completely cooperative with the ministry.  Nevertheless, the over-all results were disappointing.

Time after time we felt that the victory was gained. For a few days her personality would show signs of stability, then suddenly everything would go into upheaval. We would be right back where we started.

Then one night after an especially violent upheaval I was awakened from sleep. The Lord was speaking within my spirit. The Lord said, “I want to give you a revelation of what is Sarah’s problem. The problem is schizophrenia.” Now, I was not knowledgeable on the subject. In college I had studied some psychology – enough to be familiar with such general terms as manic depressive, schizophrenia, paranoia, psychosis and neurosis. I reached back in my memory to recall that schizophrenia is sometimes referred to as “split personality”. The Lord gave me this definition: “Schizophrenia is a disturbance, distortion or disintegration of the development of the personality. You will no longer call her Sarah but ‘Sarah One’ and ‘Sarah Two’, for she has more than one personality in her”

I was still in bed – still had sleep in my eyes – as the Lord  continued giving the revelation. He instructed me to put my hands together, palms facing with the fingers laced together tightly. He said this represented what the schizophrenic nature was like. Each hand represented one of the dual personalities within the schizophrenic, neither of which was the real self. They were tightly interlocked. The Lord said, “Your hands represent the nest of demon spirits that make up the schizophrenia. I want you to know that it is demonic. It is a nest of demon spirits, and they came into this person’s life when she was very, very young. I will show you how it operates.”

Next the Lord instructed me to take my hands apart VERY SLOWLY. As my fingers were slowly disengaged the Lord showed me that these demonic spirits in the schizophrenic must be separated, cast out and given up. The process requires time. It is a shock to the person to discover that so much of his personality is not the real self. He may be afraid to discover what his true personality is. He needs time to adjust and to fall out of agreement with the false demon personalities, point by point. He must come to loathe the schizophrenic personality, and fall out of agreement with it. The Lord recalled to my memory Amos 3: 3. “How can two walk together except they be agreed.”

One by one my fingers were disengaged, illustrating the pulling apart of the demonic personalities. (Later, each finger was given a demonic designation). The last two fingers to come apart were the middle fingers on each hand. The Lord showed that these fingers represent the core of the schizophrenic – Rejection and Rebellion. When these are finally separated the person can consider himself healed – delivered and knowing who the real self is.

The control demon is called “Schizophrenia” or “Double Mindedness”. The Bible says, “A double minded man is unstable in all his ways” (James 1: 8). This is the scriptural designation of a schizophrenic. The amplified translation says:

[For being as he is] a man of two minds – hesitating, dubious, irresolute — [he is] unstable and unreliable and uncertain about everything (he thinks, feels, decides).

The phrase translated “two minds” comes from a compound Greek word literally meaning “two souls”.

The next stage of the revelation came a few weeks later. The Lord instructed me to draw the outline of my hands on paper. Then He named the fingers as various demon spirits and showed me how each demon sets itself up in the schizophrenic. The control demon of schizophrenia invites other demons in, in order to cause the distortion of the personality. Schizophrenia ALWAYS begins with “rejection”. It commonly begins in childhood or infancy and sometimes while the child is yet in his mother’s womb. There are many causes for rejection. Perhaps the  child was not wanted. It may have been the wrong sex desired by one or both parents. The conditions in the home may have been unsettled. There are many “doors” that lead to rejection.

Schizophrenia can be demonically inherited. Notice I said “demonically”. By that I mean it is not in the blood system., not in the genes – it is in the demons! In other words, demons seek to perpetuate their like kind. It is easiest for them to do this within a family. For example, suppose the schizophrenia nature is in the mother. The demons will pick out one or more of her children to feed down through. The schizophrenic mother feels rejection. She is the one who is primarily responsible for feeding love into the family. She is the one who touches, handles and fondles the infant. The rejection within herself creates problems in her relationships with the child. So, the child is opened for rejection by the mother’s instability. I repeat, schizophrenia ALWAYS begins with rejection.

Now, one can have a rejection spirit and not be a schizophrenic. In other words, it is all in the matter of forming a personality. You can have a rejection spirit and still manage to form your own personality and be secure in yourself. To the contrary, the schizophrenic is always floundering… “Who am I?” The identity of the true self is confused or lost.

Rejection is the control demon in one of the personalities set up within the schizophrenic. Rejection depicts a withdrawn type of personality. (It is a feeling within — it is agony within … it is inferiority … it is fantasy … it is unreality – it is all on the inside – “I don’t share in this.”) This is one personality the demons set up.

The second personality set up by the demons is “rebellion”. When a child does not have satisfactory love relationships in life he grows up being unable to feel and share in love relationships. A rebellion sets in. He begins to fight for love. Or he lashes out at those who have starved him of love. Rebellion asserts itself in stubbornness, self-will, and selfishness. Here is another personality. This one is not inward and withdrawn. It is aggressive and lashing out in anger, bitterness, resentment, hatred and retaliation. The schizophrenic is literally under these two opposite powers. He can switch from one type personality to the other in a moment’s time.

The Lord showed me that I was to refer to the schizophrenic person as “Sarah One” and “Sarah Two” … there are really three personalities involved – the real personality, the rejection personality and the rebellion personality. In thirty minutes time one may see all three personalities manifested. Naturally, this brings much confusion to the person himself as well as to others around him.

The real person is neither of the “hands” the “Real Self” is… at the bottom. The demons have not permitted the real self to develop. The schizophrenic does not know his real self. When the schizophrenic begins to be delivered, the real self must have Jesus … developing that personality, and making it all He wants it to be.  This is why the schizophrenic deliverance requires time – sometimes several months or even a year, or longer. If every demon in the schizophrenic person were suddenly cast out he would feel totally lost. Identity with the “Real Self” requires time. As the schizophrenic nature is knocked out the true personality must come forth to replace it.

…a “hurricane” …
The schizophrenic person continually creates “storms” around himself. He is caught in these storms, and others must relate to what is happening …
If the person trying to relate is also unstable he brings his storm into the schizophrenic’s storm … persons who are stable can relate to the “hurricane” in a stable way. Such a person can engage the storm without being damaged or scarred. He is not captured by the turmoil …
These times of storm cause the root of bitterness to form and to be driven deeper and deeper.

Now let us see what the other fingers on the left hand represent. The “ring finger” is designated lust.

The Lord showed me that this demon “weds” a person to the world for love. Lust is rooted in rejection. If one has not received satisfactory love through the normal channels of life, the carnal nature will begin to search for its kind of love – sensual love. Thus, the door is opened for the demon of lust to enter. A companion spirit in this  group is fantasy lust which may cause the person to imagine he is some great lover of the motion picture world or to fantasy sexual experiences as a prelude to overt acts. The harlotry spirit in women may first manifest itself in dress and provocativeness. Sexual perversions represent extreme attempts to overcome rejection. Sexual experiences, real or imaginary, can never satisfy the need for genuine love. They are the devil’s substitutes for real love and leave a person ridden with frustration and guilt.

The little finger on the left hand represents insecurity and inferiority … yet another manifestation of rejection … a deep sense of rejection feels insecure and inferior.

The ring finger on the right hand represents self-will. This demon “weds” a person to selfish desires. This opens the way for stubbornness, selfishness, and unteachableness. Again, we see the compensation for rejection. Since the person has been rejected or fears rejection he is driven to pamper self … to push self. He is thereby trying to overcome feelings of rejection.The index finger on the left hand is “self-accusation”. This demon causes a person to turn against himself and tears down his sense of personal worth. In most cases we have found “self-accusation” coupled with a “compulsion to confess”. For example, if the person has fallen into immorality he cannot rest until he has confessed his wrong-doing. He usually confesses to those who should show him the most love. He is driven to do his in an effort to “shock” others into giving him forced attention and thereby find a substitute for love.

Now, let us move to the right hand in the illustration. The middle finger … is designated “rebellion”. As we have seen, rebellion identifies one of the false personalities set up by the demons. This group of demons may be considered compensating spirits for “rejection”. Rebellion is the opposite of rejection. One is expressive and turbulent, the other is withdrawn and insecure.

The ring finger on the right hand represents self-will. This demon “weds” a person to selfish desires. This opens the way for stubbornness, selfishness, and unteachableness. Again, we see the compensation for rejection. Since the person has been rejected or fears rejection he is driven to pamper self … to push self. He is thereby trying to overcome feelings of rejection.

The index finger is called accusation. It too, is a compensating demon. It draws the attention away from the rejection. It seeks to eliminate a concentration on self by calling attention to the others. The left index finger points at self – “I am to blame,” while the right index finger points at others – “You are to blame” The accusation demon opens the door for companion spirits of judgementalism.

The little finger on the right hand is self-deception. Its companions are delusion, self-seduction and pride. These three spirits of “self” inflate pride. Pride is another compensation for rejection. One who feels rejected wants to feel important. The spirit of delusion comes along and says, “You are REALLY somebody”; “You are a spiritual giant!”, or some other kind of giant. The ego that has been wounded appears to be given a boost. But it is all demonic. It only leads to greater frustration and disappointment.

In one case ministry, the spirit of self-deception had convinced a thirteen year old girl that she was nineteen. She took on another name to go with her other person. She attempted to think, talk and act like an older girl. She was pushed beyond her abilities and her normal maturity. It added greatly to her oppression.

… the thumbs represent the “Paranoid” phase of schizophrenia. Part of it is represented in the left thumb because it is rooted in rejection. On the rejection side are spirits of jealousy and envy. Those who are deficient in reciprocal love relationships become jealous and envious of those who do experience satisfying love. On the rebellion side are spirits of distrust, suspicion, fears and persecution. There is another demon in this latter group and it is called “Confrontation with  honesty at all cost”. Suspicion and distrust build up in the person until he is compelled to  confront the other person. After the confrontation the pressure dies down within him for a while. But it leaves the attacked person to handle his wounds. The person acting under the influence of paranoid demons is quite insensitive to how many wounds he causes, yet he is super-sensitive to every offense toward himself.

The revelation portrayed in the fingers and thumbs has proved to be infallible, as judged by numerous ministries with schizophrenics. There is no flaw in it.

The demons listed down the left hand are representative of other spirits that are commonly found within the rejection side of the schizophrenia pattern. These will have some variations from person to person. The listing is suggestive rather than exhaustive. It is apparent in most instances that the demons listed on the left hand are in some way associated with the triad of rejection-type spirits … rejection, fear of rejection and self-rejection.

The listing of demons on the right hand include control and possessiveness. They are directly related to rebellion.

“For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry.” (I Samuel 15: 23a)

This verse can be interpreted two ways. First, I interpret it to mean that to God rebellion is as abominable as witchcraft itself. I also interpret it to mean that one who has a rebellious nature has the nature of a witch. The purpose in witchcraft is to control. It is the controlling of another person by knowingly or unknowingly employing the power of evil spirits [demons]. Rebellion often leads to control.

Now, let us continue down the right hand.  There is a “root of bitterness”. In all of life one does have conflicts. Things DO happen and words ARE spoken that require an attitude of forgiveness. Here lies the problem with the schizophrenic. He is unable to forgive. He has an unforgiving spirit. The things that happened thirty years ago are just as alive as they were the minute they happened. The root of bitterness is kept alive and out of it comes resentment, hatred, anger, retaliation, violence and murder. There can be many other demons attached to such a root of bitterness.

How does the schizophrenic come out of this tangled mess? The three main  areas to conquer are REJECTION, REBELLION, and THE ROOT OF BITTERNESS. As these areas are conquered the “house” (life) must be filled by the giving and receiving of love, by submission to every valid authority and by forgiveness of all persons regardless of the circumstances. When these three areas are conquered the other related spirits lose their strength. Determination is necessary. The person who can persistently say, “I WILL BE DIFFERENT! I WILL NOT LET DEMONS RULE MY LIFE!” will eventually see victory.

… As the deliverance takes place over a period of time, “The Real Self” must rise up and part the false schizophrenic personalities by falling out of agreement with all of their influence and all that they represent. “The Real Self” must take on the nature of Jesus himself. Spiritual exercises such as Bible study, prayer, fasting, praise and fellowship with other believers is essential to a successful deliverance. These spiritual exercises will also accelerate the deliverance process as the person’s life is filled with the positive things of Jesus Christ.

It is hard work for both the schizophrenic patient and the deliverance minister. I greatly admire schizophrenics who fight through to victory. I admire these victories above all other deliverances.  The schizophrenia deliverance is the deepest, most involved and most determined deliverance that we have encountered.



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13 responses to “Deliverance from MPD, Schizophrenia and Other Forms of Mental Illness

  1. Johanna Noel

    I am familiar with this book and have had a copy for many, many years. My early Christian mentor used this book in her understanding of deliverance way back in the 1970’s. So there have been many years for these truths to have been experienced. My question is, though this all makes sense and rings of truth, is there a ministry that has established a track record of long term, effective healing and deliverance from schizophrenia? Have you seen or participated in these deliverance events? Are there testimonies of long term, un-medicated deliverances? Can a schizophreniac be truly delivered and set free from this bondage in this life, to walk in freedom from all that has held him captive? Has this method become realized truth in the lives of Christians?

    • Thanks for your comment! To get right to the point, as with any revelation that a believer receives and shares with other believers, it must pass the biblical litmus test… so I absolutely believe this to be true in regards to deliverance, free and final. “Whom the Son sets free is free indeed!” But we also know from scripture that the Holy Spirit must occupy the person’s heart or the spirits go out and return later, worse than before. The Hammonds are very diligent in guiding those undergoing deliverance, and in the aftermath, to daily spend much time in fellowship and in God’s Word. I have seen both immediate deliverances and those gradual and over time. The reasons why some people don’t seem to get it right away are many, but I can tell you from personal experience, it is not wise to immediately come off medications unless you know you have received a pronounced deliverance, and by that I mean, manifestations of complete freedom in the emotions and mind (the soul) and a complete absence of symptoms! This is where having someone to work very closely with the person seeking deliverance is most advantageous. The results of coming off the meds can be disastrous. I worked with one person who would try to stop taking his meds (he was virtually taking a pharmaceutical cocktail!) and he would be “bouncing off the walls” so to speak. He has seen great progress continuing to do both prayer/meditation/fellowship and medications while backing off the dosages gradually. It is evident to all who knew him before that much brain damage took place due to drug abuse, nevertheless, he is a completely transformed individual today. He no longer requires assistance in living his day-to-day life and he is free from the drugs and demons of his past. But it has been, and is still, an ongoing process. Each case is different, however Jesus is the same: yesterday, today and forever. For this purpose was the Son of God manifest: To destroy the works of the evil one! So in that respect, each case can expect to see complete deliverance! I wish I could point you to all the cases of men and women, once filled with demons, now serving God and totally set free, some in full-time ministry and seeing deliverances daily. I know there are some that have not continued in their deliverance as well. I can tell you of myself, though never clinically diagnosed as schizophrenic or MPD, suffered from demonic torments in my mind and emotions which affected me traumatically! I was probably MPD because I definitely battled with suicidal thoughts, some self mutilation, and paranoia, all from which I received marked and immediate deliverance at the New Birth. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that we all are a work in progress, all of us have issues, everyone is dysfunctional to some degree or another and we need God’s delivering power in our lives daily!
      Please keep me posted as to how your research goes! I’d be interested in corresponding more with you on this subject. I would recommend you watch the movie Finger of God. You can purchase it online or you can watch it right away on youtube here. It’s in 10 parts so this is only 1 of 10, but do watch all 10 videos (approx 100 minutes in length total). I recommend this to you because no matter where you are on the planet there are ministries that God is using to set the captives free. My prayers are with you in your work. Thanks again.

  2. John Hayworth

    I am sorry to interject here but as soon as we are speaking about Extra-Biblical Revelation we must reject it!

    Immediately the author has confused MPD with schitzophrenia.

    Pigs in the Parlour is not a book I would recommend anyone!

    • Feel free. The Bible has much to say about extra. What do you think revelations, prophetic words and interpretations of tongues are referring to? (1 Corinthians 14:6,26, 2 Corinthians 12:1, Galatians 1:12, 2:2, Ephesians 1:17, 3:3). It was not my intent to equate MPD with schizophrenia (please note correct spelling), however they are similar in that the personality (or psyche) can only be integrated into a whole, unified being once the demonic spirits have been cast out. Why wouldn’t you recommend it? Have you even read it?

  3. Michelle

    Thanks Jamswinkler for this helpful information. The Bible commands us not to be ignorant of the enemy’s devices. Actually I would highly recommend Pigs in a Parlor to anyone who wants to obey God’s Word in being sober, vigilent, perishing for lack of knowledge. It is all biblical as schizophrenia means to be double minded or in the Greek two-spirited. A born-again Christian has the Holy Spirit in his spirit but because we as so-called disciples don’t go around casting out demons like Jesus did (which you may remember John is also in the Bible) at the time of a believer’s conversion the demons get to stay because no one is going around casting out demons like Jesus commanded us to do . Thank God for His deliverance ministers who push through persecution to walk in love and compassion for those Christians are bound by Satan because again no one freed them at the time of regeneration. Proclaim liberty to the captives and the opening of the prison doors to them who are bound. We have the keys to the kingdom. We are the ones who are supposed to loose one another from Satan who has bound us. This is all biblical and I don’t care what anyone says. The Holy Spirit (who is the Spirit of Christ) lives in our spirit but demons can live in the soul. The confusion comes in when people believe Jesus lives in my heart. This is not biblical. The Holy Spirit regenerates my spirit making me alive to Christ but dead to sin. Demons are in the soul. They cannot be in your spirit where the Holy Spirit is. The Holy Spirit cannot dwell in my soul. Jesus is not in my heart. The Holy Spirit writes Gods law and commandments on my heart and mind but I must choose to yield my members but if Satan has bound my soul then as we can see this can hinder fruits of righteousness in the life of a believer. This is why Jesus commanded us to cast them out then minister the gospel to others so they can repent and believe. Not everyone has demons at conversion but many like Mary Magdalene do. Jesus never intended us to cast out demons years later but since the Church won’t do it at conversion because of ignorance then this is the state of the Church these days having to have deliverance ministers years later who get the commission of the Lord Jesus Christ. Pigs in the Parlor and the deliverance ministry and schizophrenia is biblical. There are real people out there suffering from mental illness from demons. The Church needs to rise up in love, unity, and sound doctrine to go about doing the works of Jesus. Thanks again for this information and for your testimonies of others getting free from this info about deliverance. God bless!

    • Thanks for your comment, Michelle. Yes, I agree, we see a lot of deliverance ministry at work in Jesus’ earthly ministry. It seems people are delivered from demonic power everywhere he goes. Today, we send them to psychiatrists, and put them on pharmaceuticals, or commit them to modern day institutions or care facilities (in severe cases). We need the gift of discerning of spirits, and a secure knowledge of the authority we have in the name of Jesus, and, sometimes we need a revelation like Ida had to receive from the Lord. My favorite times of deliverance involve those where the presence of the Lord is so powerful that the demons cry out, all you have to do is say “COME OUT” — deliverance is instantaneous. It’s pretty obvious Jesus walked in that level of power all the time. I believe it’s ours to walk in as well if we can receive it. May God bring us to the place where we continually walk in the maximized power of His anointing and discernment all the time. But in the case of the believer: there can be demonic oppression but not possession. The believer may open the door to demonic oppression by dabbling in the occult, psychic power, drug abuse, pornography, or any number of things, even giving into fear, worry, anxiety, and speaking negative things.
      One time a friend of mine, who was a professing Christian, along with his wife, began to speak fearfully over his situation. According to his wife he started saying crazy things. He was in debt and not making payments on his furniture, and began to say the store owners were going to come after him. He even began entertaining the notion that they were with the mafia. As he spoke these things, he became increasingly paranoid. Then he started seeing a dark figure darting from one room to the other, and shouting to his wife, “Did you see that!?” The next thing she knew, her husband was on all fours and barking like a dog. She was terrified. She called and asked me to come right away.
      When I arrived at the house, they were sitting on the couch but her husband did not look like himself at all. His eyes actually looked like a dog’s eyes. The wife quickly explained what happened and I started to pray in the authority of Jesus’ name over his body and command the spirit to leave him. The spirit in him began to whimper and cry and plead as he crawled away from me and toward his wife. We all continued to pray the prayer of agreement that the spirit was bound and cast out. In no time at all he started to look and talk like himself again, and he was verifiably delivered as reported by his wife when I checked in the next day. We later went back to the house and prayed over every room. To my knowledge, he never saw that dark spirit darting from room to room again.
      This is just one of many times I have seen a believer become oppressed. Many refuse to believe this can happen. But if you bring fearful things or any kind of demonic devices into your home, you can open the door to demonic influences. Sometimes even wicked books, music, images or statues can have curses on them, or bring curses upon you and your household.
      Smith Wigglesworth, a prominent evangelist and revivalist of the 19th Century, adamantly opposed any such notion. He couldn’t accept that a Christian can be oppressed. That is, until one day, as a new believer, he became deathly ill. You can read about it here:
      I appreciate your understanding of the supernatural relationship we have with the HOly Spirit. Just one correction though: Jesus says in Revelation 3:20 “Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.” We cannot make the claim that Jesus does not live in our heart, after all, Jesus and the Father and the Holy Spirit are one. I commend you to the Word of God and the revelation of the Word by your in-borne tutor: the Holy Spirit. And Jesus who is the Word of God, all things were made by Him and without Him was not anything made that was made. Jesus is Creator God. Amen.

      • Arendale

        Amen. I just read this because a close friend of mine is schizophrenic. After he receive deliverance ministry for demons, human spirits, and healing alternate personalities last Monday, his schizophrenia only got worse. Can you explain why this is?

        It’s 12am on the dot here in Washington State, and my friend is lying on his bed talking to voices he believes are Jesus and angels. It’s the worst case of mental and spiritual trouble I’ve ever seen. Schizophrenia tells me that demons are very much in business like nothing else does. There’s just something evil and other-worldly and dark and oppressive about it. My friend denies he has a problem and can’t see his life lying in complete ruins around him. Besides finding a way to get him back on his meds, what should I do?

      • Hi Arendale,

        By the anointing Jesus breaks the yoke…

        This takes a while sometimes, not because Jesus is slow to deliver, but because of the environment of unbelief. many times there are articles in the house that have spirits attached to them. Sometimes the owner of the house is opening a door to the demonic spirits by some means unwittingly (it can be any number of things: some repeated practice of entertaining sin, something with ties to the occult, someone who doesn’t want to be delivered).

        If you study the ministry of Jesus in the 4 Gospels you see demons being cast out at every meeting. In third world countries today we see this happen at almost every meeting as well! Yet here in America we don’t see it happening as much. Why would this be?

        In America we have cultivated an atmosphere of unbelief through intellectualism. There are just as many demons inhabiting the people of our nation as any other nation, but they are covered up by pharmaceuticals and mental conditioning.

        Taking them off of their meds can be a scary experience unless you are ready to get down and do some serious deliverance, and I mean get ready for a crazy ride! This takes concentrated effort, sometimes over many sessions, and for prolonged periods of time.

        Stand on the Word, and do not give up, fight for the soul of your friend with others who believe and know how to do deliverance ministry. It takes the power of God, for sure. Not to be taken lightly. Read this article by Ida Mae Hammond often, until you get to where you can discern the spirit that is in control in each moment. Ask God for the Gift of Discerning of Spirits to be in operation.

        I lived with a guy who was diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic. it’s not easy I know. There were times when we had breakthrough. We prayed together. We went for walks together. During these times I ministered to him. I’ve memorized large passages of scripture so I would speak the Word of God over him.

        there were hard relapses at times. It took continual vigilance. I worked with him day-in-and-day-out. Finally, after 6 months, I got him to the place where he was self-sufficient. He had his own car. He had his own apartment. He played weekends with his band. It was glorious…

        But then the unthinkable happened. He went back to smoking crack. Months of rehab, ministry, and prayer, down the drain. He died a horrible, painful death, but we know he believed and called on Jesus so our hope is that he is in a much better place.

        His son was with him when he died. He said at the funeral that it was the most amazing thing, but just as he cried out and breathed his last breath, lightning struck right over top of the house! The sun came out and there was a beautiful rainbow outside. He felt that it was a sign that his father was in the place of ultimate deliverance, with Jesus.

      • Arendale

        I had to leave the friend alone over a month ago. I asked the Lord a lot what in the world was going on, because he would be cooperating with these demons and voices, especially in their desire to attack and oppress and torment me. (He’d wake me at all times of the morning demanding I tell him ‘what the truth is’. It made no sense whatsoever, and he refused to be civil and respectful. After I had a deliverance session myself, the persecution from him became worse… Then he had his own deliverance session (the most pitiful I’ve ever seen as he just sat there obstinately, mocking and disdaining the minister and refusing to cooperate). After his session, his schizophrenia just really began to rage out of control.) I told him to at least get on meds or we’d have to part ways. He refused, talking to and laughing with the voices even in public. I’ve never seen such a gross rebelliousness towards God and all things godly in anyone before him (and hope never to see it again). I cut ties with him and am still working on moving on myself since the deliverance ministry is a false one and probably doesn’t help anyone at all.

        It’s hard to read about your schizophrenic ex-roommate. I have seen schizophrenia (my friend was also ritually abused and so had DID or multiple personalities as well, further compounding things), and I can see that it’s ‘another world’ of things heavily guarded by the demonic, demons that loathe and hate and mock and deride and disdain everything that has the genuine fragrance of God on it (they aren’t bothered or threatened by the average church or Christian). With my friend, he didn’t want to change. As I kept asking God about his issues, God finally showed me that the main issue is his heart. Jesus said only to one person whom He healed, “Do you want to be made whole?” Between the lines, we see that the man did want to be healed (wanted freedom from disability) but didn’t want to be made whole (restored to his original God-given design and following in SUBMISSION to Jesus). This was why he didn’t say yes but began to try to explain his point. Jesus healed him but did not make him whole and therefore could later say to him, “Stop sinning, or something worse may happen to you.” He is also the only one whom Jesus said this kind of thing to. My friend wanted to be healed (loosed of his hurting heart as he called it); but he did not want to be made whole (restored and SUBMITTING to God). Therefore, we had to part ways. I’ve never met anyone as broken and tormented as this ex-friend, and meeting him has left a real mark and depth of soberness in me– to see someone so heavily tormented by the demonic and still saying, “I don’t want God and His deliverance. I prefer the [‘angels’/demons] and their friendship and torment.” I have never seen such a thing.

  4. Mary Baggett

    Hi! Is there any way I could contact you? I am in desparate need of deliverance for my son. I can’t seem to find anyone to help. My last church, the pastor said he had never cast out a demon. I have tried myself, unsuccessfully. I don’t want him to be on medication, and he is 20 years old and won’t take it anyway. I would appreciate any advice or help you could give me. Thank you and God bless you!

    • Hi Mary,
      Sorry so long in responding, I’ve been super busy and haven’t checked this blog for a while. The most powerful weapon against the enemy available to us is found in the mouths of babes who praise Him. God is faithful to deliver, that I can tell you. I’d be happy to hear from you, and pray with you, and give you some excellent recommendations for your son.

      feel free to contact me at

  5. Heidi Kasel


    Where do I get this type of ministry?

  6. Deisie Hock

    Thanks so much for this incredible but possible help you have shown me to help my son who is being suffering just like me for over 10 years already with this horrible nightmare called schizophrenia.with all this information you have giving me new spiritual tools to help my son ioannis to find spiritual deliverence for as long us our Lord Jesus grant us life we will continue to fight this demonic forces until we succeed in name of Jesus,amen.please pray for my son ioannis samouhos and me daisy.thank you forever.

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